1 Pound Dead Sea Salts (Refill Bags)


Relax and Detoxify your skin with our pure and natural Dead Sea Salts.

Did you know that both the salts and mud of the Dead Sea trigger biochemical reactions that facilitate anti-inflammatory effects thus relieving rheumatic and arthritic discomfort? And, did you know that pampering yourself with Dead Sea Products can produce a stress relieving effect due to the high content of bromine, a tranquilizer in the water as much as 50 times more than in the ocean? These are just a few of the reasons why our Dead Sea Products will leave you feeling healthy and beautiful, the way nature intended. The therapeutic effects of bathing in the Dead Sea were well known even in times of antiquity.

Traditionally, it was Cleopatra who opened up the first "Spa" on its shores. It is believed that the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea is due to a large extent to the presence of 21 minerals and salts mainly those of magnesium, potassium and bromide. That's the reason Dead Sea products have such an amazing healing effect on dry skin. Even serious dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema find relief when Dead Sea products are used. Today, doctors in Europe recommend trips to the Dead Sea to their psoriasis, eczema, and acne patients as a natural way to find relief and healing.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Off-white to light brown substance, heterogeneous mixture of crystals and powder; odorless.

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