Testimonials: Black Soap

"Within a week of using the soap I began to see some minor improvements. However, by the end of two weeks, I saw a considerable difference to the look and feel of my face. I've been using it for about two months now and will use nothing else on my face again. I've also used it as a shampoo and liked the way my hair felt afterward. I'll be purchasing the soap in bulk for both skin and hair use and also to share with friends."

C. Chin

"OMG!!!! You are truly a God send. I stumbled across Abike Natural at a wine festival. I bought a bar of the soap for my daughter's eczema. I was unsure of the product; have heard about a lot of "natural" products. I had a friend test it out for me. After a week's time, his face should a 360 degree improvement. I was "floored". I immediately went to the website and ordered a 5 bar pack. I gave one to my daughter. Her eczema is practically nonexistent. She also was given the steroid creams. My mother used one on her face and body. Her dermatologist stated that she didn't need to come and see him no time soon. I also love the Sunshine scent of shea butter."

De Chandra

"I use your black soap and shea butter. I started using your soap on the suggestion of a friend, because especially in the winter as I get older my skin was so dry. It helped, and once I tried to go to another soap thinking it is just soap. My skin was drier, so I went back to the black soap. I even wash my face with it with a little honey added to it at night."


"My aunt first sent us a bar of the soap for my teenage daughter's acne... it has done wonders for her skin. She has used everything in the market including prescriptions and NOTHING has worked like the soap! Amazing product! You now have a couple of "die hard customers. Thank you!!!!"

Shanna, Houston, TX

"I just wanted to say that I LOVE your black soap. After being plagued by ever worsening acne, I decided to begin using your product. In 4 days, it has CONSIDERABLY made a difference in my skin. I even mixed it with honey and a little water to get SUPERB liquid acne wash that is non-drying and fast acting. I let it sit on my face a few seconds. Once I rinse, I have GLOWING skin. It looks at LEAST ten years younger than usual. Thank you.

P.S. I have tried other black soap, and I am back now for good.

P.D. Gilroy, Norfolk, VA

"I picked up a free sample of Alata at the Mustard Seed Market and Cafe in Akron, Ohio. My husband travels for his job and I sometimes accompany him on his trips. I must tell you that I was having a small outbreak of acne on my forehead that had been itching for almost a week. The first time I tried Alata I had no more itching and the acne cleared up with just using that little sample. I'm IMPRESSED! The fact that your products are ALL natural is such a plus because both my husband and I are big believers in everything natural or organic. But, enough about how wonderful your soap is...you already know that...."


"I have only been using the black soap for a week, and the difference I feel is great, my face is vibrant, and my body is smoother, even without lotion. I have even been told my face looks younger. Thanks so much."

I. Cooper