Testimonials: Eczema

"Using the Abike Shea Butter and black soap is the best thing I have ever done for my skin! As promised, within three weeks it cleared up all of my facial dematitis/eczema issues. To think I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours in a dermatologist's office when all I had to do is order this stuff on line! I am a very satisfied customer! Thank You and God Bless!"

Vera Jones

"My name is J. Collins and I have a 6 year old son that suffers from eczema. After being introduced to the Abike Line of Black Soap and after only using the soap for a week his eczema cleared up completely. After using the soap for a couple of weeks his coloration has improved and the pimples that used to itch him are not present. We continue to use the soap on a daily basis with out any complications and his eczema is now under control. I would recommend the soap for people with sensitive skin."

J. Collins

"I use the "Alata" black soap for my teenage daughters skin problems. One has eczema and the other has acne. This product is the best and is recommended to any one with skin problems."

S. Brown