Testimonials: Shea Butter

"The reason why I must give this a 5 star is because for about 6 months or so not sure how long. I have been using this products on my lovely 7 yr old daughter and myself. We love how awesome our skin feels and looks after using your shea butter. It is also great to use after being out in the sun. Our skin is so soft and the skin just eats up the shea butter. I love it so much I have a ton of family members hooked too. Yes this is my must in my wardrobe of skin products."


Hi Lisa,
I love the Abike Line. I use the Abike scent (shea butter).... many comments on just the scent, but the importance is how my skin looks and feels. It has softened my skin and it feels wonderful. I have had a problem with dry skin, since menopause...no longer. I've been using it for approx. a year or so.... daily after my shower. It has also helped with dry skin on the heels of my feet. I wear sandals as soon as the weather permits.... now no longer an issue with dry heels and balls of feet. I love this stuff and recommend it to my clients. I have NO criticisms at all...it is all good for me.

Thanks so much.
Peace & Light,

Debra Lipetz

"My daughter and I use the Foot Butter, Sunshine and Lavender Shea Butter products. We both love the way the Foot Butter keeps our feet feeling smooth and soft. Plus, it relieves our dry cracked skin on our feet. We both love the Lavender and Sunshine Shea Butter. The Lavender and Sunshine Shea Butter keeps our skin smooth, soft, and hydrated. The scent is wonderful. BTW. I will be calling you to order some more Shea Butters."


"I have been using the lemongrass Shea butter for years and I always order in two's so I never risk running out. I use it on my natural hair before I add heat after a shampoo and as a daily conditioner. In the summer it makes my skin glow when I wear sundresses. Because it is NOT mineral oil based it is one of the best moisturizers for extra dry areas for heels and elbows throughout the year and especially winter. I LOVE the fresh green smell of the lemongrass and sage--- I will never be without this product."

Angelique Carson

Thank you Lisa, for the Abike line!
I have been using the Shea butter, Sunshine (lovely scent of coconut & mango) since discovering it at a festival over 3 years ago. It was the only moisturizer that helped heal my dry Chicago skin. Now that I have moved to Florida, the Shea butter is still the only product that keeps my skin soft and smelling lovely in this glorious sun! I have recommended this product to many of my yoga students, my sister in law for her stretch marks after pregnancy, friends with eczema and many others.

Thank you too for the Alata Soap bar that exfoliates dead skin cells, helps prevent acne and leave your skin younger looking. You have a lifetime customer here!

Julie Heppe
Yoga teacher/studio manager
St. Petersburg, Florida

"I found out about the products from my location off of Georgia Avenue in DC. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I use it for dry skin in the winter. I keep coming back due to good results from the product."

Adrian Robinson

"I've tried and used several different versions of Shea Butter -- all of which purported to be pure, real, uncut, etc., etc., but by chance meeting while doing some last minute Xmas shopping for myself, I stumbled upon The "ABIKE" Line of Shea Butter, and I must say it was truly the best Xmas gift to myself!!! It's easy to apply (not like some of the others I've tried), it smells good (I'm in love with "X"), and even at the end of the day my skin is still glowing -- just ask my man!!!! Lots of Love to The "ABIKE" Line."


"I recently bought my first product at "Cow Town" in New Jersey. I must say that I was a little worried because I am not black but I am Hispanic. I was worried that it would be too greasy for my skin. I tried it and I love it!! It's just right I think for anyone I told all my friends because we have been trying the butter from Avon, and I had to tell them about this which is way better than Avon and natural. I would encourage anyone and everyone to buy this!!! No matter what race skin and or skin type this stuff is all natural and you will love the soft scents and you will be amazed at the way it works!! I am a fan and a new use; I am convinced that this is the best stuff out there!!!"

New Castle, DE